Multifamily & Condos

Every facet of architectural design occurs in the Multifamily building type. It is very demanding of the architect at once requiring identity, image, a sense of place and livability for its user. It must fit a target market profile. It must elicit immediate positive response from prospective residents. The design must offer a broad amenity package in a compact and affordable “footprint”. These must all the while comprise a feasible investment for the developer. The many buildings occurring in a multifamily project create a wonderful site planning opportunity. By thoughtfully placing buildings, we shape and arrange exterior spaces to deliberately create a strong sense of place and identity for the resident. The larger the project, the stronger and more effective the community identity can be even to the level where other complementary uses such as recreation centers, commercial uses and streetscape amenities become appropriate, feasible and even essential.


Kramer Place Condominiums

A 46-unit mixed-use retail and residential condominium, Kramer Place is an architectural transition from the functional industrial architecture to its South, to the residential neighborhood to its North. Utility-sized brick and large banks of square windows emulate the factories and manufacturing plants that stood in the area for over 100 years. The northern portion of the building transitions by the use of fewer stories, sloped roofs, dormers and a lighter toned brick to architecturally relate to the human scale of the residential neighborhood to the North. This combination of varied materials, textures, details and fenestration has created a unique architecture that weaves industry with artistry, the past with the present. For more information please visit


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Atkins Circle

ac_38A high density residential project of over 400 living units on a site of challenging shape. Circulation was solved by a smoothly flowing avenue spine that sweeps into a large vehicular loop thus providing comfortable auto and pedestrian circulation while maintaining efficient and direct public safety access. A “dead end” is completely avoided. Buildings are deliberately and effectively arranged to create a distinct community identity and character. The scale of the buildings and their architectural character shape the streetscape corridor. Sidewalks, streetlights and other street amenities have encouraged considerable pedestrian use.

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Yacht Port Beach

A small site with arduous access and high market demand generated this unique shoreline resort architectural concept. Surrounded by the Lake Erie waterworld, each of two 16 unit condominium buildings have living units varying from compact studios to spacious two bedroom two floor townhouses and two bedroom one floor suite units. All units have a commanding view of the Lake. Upper level units include private, furnishable outdoor deck space also with the lake view. The design was deliberately developed with large offsets, architectural facets and traditional details so as to create a personable, residential “look” that softens the scale of these large buildings. The units sold quickly.























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