The Golf Depot At Central Park 

Golf Depot Clubhouse was originally built about 1900 as the Prospect, Ohio Railroad Station by the Hocking Valley Railway (now CSX). Our new owner saw that it could perfectly suit the needs of his newly developed golf course. The building was relocated as a stack of deteriorated panels and lumber. After much preservation and reconstruction work it was reborn as a clubhouse-restaurant retaining its original handsome architectural form and Victorian carpentry including the meticulous curved wood bench in what had been the original waiting room.

Golf Depot Covered Tees – This secondary structure is in an architectural character harmonious with the depot clubhouse but of a scale subordinate to it. Roof lines are effectively broken to subdue what is actually a fairly large building. It functions as an open air activities pavilion as well as practice tees. The exposed structure is of a functional “the-way-it-is-built-is-the-way-it-looks” character.



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Atkins Circle

atkinspooldeckBy virtue of the size of the Atkins Circle community, recreation facilities are extensive. There are two pools each provided with 25 meter lap space and one of which clings to the high banks of an on-site lake. The pools are very popular with the residents. The fitness center includes an extensively equipped workout space, massage center, steam baths and saunas and an aerobics room. The architectural character of the fitness center was studied extensively to present a strong resort atmosphere. The HVAC system required an innovative distribution system for effective heating and cooling of the two-storey clerestory space. Our design work for the entire recreation facility included development of a program of requirements, coordination with pool and fitness equipment vendors and production of construction drawings.



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