North Central Mental Health

North Central Mental Health Services – A 15,000 sf addition nearly doubling the size of an existing community health center located on an arterial street in one of the city’s oldest neighborhood. The addition follows City design guidelines which are intended to restore the old city street character by reestablishing the street edge. The architecture is styled to emulate the old city streetscape and to integrate the contemporary architectural components of the original lone-standing suburban style structure. Special attention was given to tailoring the spaces in the facility to the various social services offered by the organization. The addition has allowed NCMH to consolidate caseworker office space from scattered sites throughout the neighborhood. To learn more about the mission and services offered by North Central Mental Health Services, visit


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Grove City Medical Center


A 14,000 s.f. suburban multitenant building for four suites of a variety of medical practices. The patient is guided readily to the bright, open lobby and to the offices. The modern styling with the soft contemporary stone and wood and the high style lobby create an aire of technical sophistication which carries through the lobby and reflects favorably on the Doctors.


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A project of two 40,000 s.f. suburban multitenant buildings of multiple suites for a variety of medical practices and services. Visitors are smoothly directed to the entrance by the strong architectural canopy and on to the offices by way of a lively corridor. The the landscaped berm allows the hip roof forms to hug the ground.



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Medical Office Concept Study

Early in the development of the design, architectural sketches aid decision-making by studying alternative ideas of building character and image. The building owners were pleased and excited with the design but, for other reasons, regrettably, it wasn’t built.

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