Adaptive Reuse


Golf Depot

Golf Depot Clubhouse was originally built about 1900 as the Prospect, Ohio Railroad Station by the Hocking Valley Railway (now CSX). Upon decommissioning and relocation it served for many years as a successful pizza restaurant. Upon that closing, our new owner saw that it could perfectly suit the needs of his newly developed golf course. The building was relocated as a stack of deteriorated panels and lumber. After much preservation and reconstruction work it was reborn as a clubhouse-restaurant retaining its original handsome architectural form and Victorian carpentry including the meticulous curved wood bench in what had been the original waiting room. The clubhouse and terrace placement take full advantage of the exceptional western view. Though the traditional small town wood railroad depots generally exude considerable romance and nostalgia, they were not particularly well built. Much structural work was needed on this depot and our new owner showed considerable dedication and determination in demanding a faithful recreation of the original structure.






















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777 S. High St.

An extensive rehab of a 100 year old “old city” urban residential-over-storefront building. Work included a stairwell and elevator addition to the rear to provide modern egress and repair of the stone façade which was progressively separating from the building. The living units are of a unique narrow linear plan which creates a loft living character. The new storefront is a vivid modern and complementary adaptation to the original building’s imposing size and form.

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Enginehouse 5

An adaptive reuse of an existing historic fire station previously adapted to a restaurant and now to offices for a design firm. The rehabilitation maintains and takes full advantage of the building’s original dramatic spaces and interesting materials and details. Exterior improvements required neighborhood design review board approval.



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Third & Main

A rehabilitation of middle aged downtown building into modern office space. Interesting cornice and rustication details very effectively updated what was an unadorned but clean façade. Window systems of harmonious lines and new MEP brought energy usage up to modern standards.


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Athens Station

An adaptive reuse and rehabilitation of an original wood frame Baltimore and Ohio Railroad passenger depot into modern office space. The entire exterior shell was saved and refurbished. New siding was specially milled to match the existing original siding. The owner developed plans to add new office buildings to the site. Their design will follow the historic preservation architectural design principle of harmonizing with but not duplicating the historic building. The site was planned to meet modern needs but to remember its history well. The parking lot paving retains a vestige of the original railway track long since removed and once used by the Hocking Valley Railway.



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