Age of Steam Roundhouse

Age of Steam Roundhouse

After the successful development of his short line railroad system and it’s recent sale, our now retired client needed storage and repair facilities for his large collection of historic steam locomotives and “first generation” diesel locomotives. The result is America’s first locomotive roundhouse since the 1940′s. It is a 48,000 square feet building of solid masonry walls and heavy timber framing with 18 stalls each large enough for a locomotive and it’s tender. It will be one of the largest heavy timber structures in America. Attached is an 18,700 square feet steel & masonry backshop building for locomotive repair and restoration. The backshop is accessible by rail from Stall #1 of the roundhouse. A 30 ton capacity overhead crane traverses the length of the backshop while a drop pit equipped with lifting machinery for removal and service of locomotive wheels extends 14′ down from the shop floor into the subgrade.

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