FTP Access

“FTP” is an abbreviation for the term “File Transfer Protocol” and is a more reliable and convenient means of transferring large files over the internet. It begins when we upload drawings, usually in PDF form, onto an internet server where we’ve reserved space. We then provide an exclusive username and password to those authorized to access the drawings. Although an FTP site works through the internet, it’s accessed differently than a webpage. So below are instructions for accessing our FTP server once we have provided you with the username and password. Any or all drawings can be viewed there on the site or downloaded and printed as desired.
We are easy to reach if you need help at 614.461.1300.

Instructions for FTP File Download:

For Windows Operating Systems:

  • Right-click the Start menu
    Click “Open”
    In the address bar at the top of the new window, delete what’s displayed and type the address
    Press Enter
    When prompted, enter the username and password.

All other platforms:

  • An FTP client program is probably the best option.
    You can download any number of FTP clients from the internet. A nice free one is called “FileZilla” and can be downloaded here.
    Once the program is installed, the host will be ftp.fagoodman.com and the username and password should have already been provided.


-Username and password are case sensitive

-Password often has numbers replacing letters, so be careful

The project files will be opened up in Windows file manager, ready to be printed, copied or downloaded.


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